Finders Keepers

It’s always a pleasant surprise when I come across something totally unexpected, especially family things, things that I haven’t thought about in years and years or things that I didn’t know existed. Things that are tied to my family are infinitely precious to me, as family members are becoming few and far between as the years march on.

This desk belonged to my mom’s father, my grandfather, who passed away suddenly when my mom was about 14.

When I was cleaning it up a bit yesterday, I saw something that had slipped down into the space between the back wall and the desk top. It worked loose easily and I saw that there were two old letter openers. One looks to be made of copper with the name of a business, David G. Evans Coffee Company. Evans was my mother’s maiden name and I believe he was her father’s brother, her uncle.

Letter Opener

EST. 1858

David G. Evans Coffee Co.

Coffees, Teas, Spices & Grocers’ Sundries

St. Louis, Mo.

I feel a Google research binge coming on!

The second letter opener is just as intriguing.

Handcarved duck letter opener with very fine detail.

I think the feather detail is lovely.

The bottom of the duck is initialed D.H. 4/48(?). No doubt I’ll be glued to my ipad for a couple of days!

I love a good mystery!

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