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On My Wheel This Morning

Newest pot –

Sorry about the background clutter….it seems to pile up faster than I can put it away!

I’ve been encouraged to open up an Etsy shop and am in the planning phase.  It all sees to be so confusing!  Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

Hands in the clay, feet on the ground, head in the clouds!




In my last post I shared about my Shell Cottage Socks project, part of The Handmade Sock Society, Season 2. Unfortunately, the original yarn I used became so fuzzy after even a couple of rows it drove me crazy enough to put that project aside and try a different yarn.

I found a nice JoJoland Melody yarn in the stash and cast on right away….

I think the JoJoland Melody was a good choice, even though I can never do the colors justice in photos.

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