TDL Update, Flower Mad


I’m moving right along with my Documented Life Project art journal.  The last challenge, #28, was to add a tiny photo to the page, which gave me a chance to use a couple of little square pics from Social Print Studio.  My only difficulty was choosing which ones to include!  Here’s a look at my take on this week’s challenge:

I love the little three inch photo squares, if only for their cute factor, but they work well with art projects, mixed media, etc. 


Speaking of mixed media, I have a couple of projects to show off.  The one I’m especially proud of I made to give to Mr. Iknead’s mom for her birthday, if I can hold out that long.  She has an October birthday, so what usually happens is that I get so excited that I jump the gun a little bit and she gets her gift early.  I don’t think she minds s bit.


I tried to include as many things as I could, things she loves and things that I love about her.  

My next MOMM show and tell I call howdoesyourgardengrow?.  I’ve become pretty obsessed interested in drawing flowers, so that’s where this project’s inspiration came from.

It has a little bit of everything, stencils, cut outs, stamps, drawing, painting, 3D stuff, whatever catches my fancy.

I ran across a photo of Johnny-Jump-Ups snd couldn’t resist trying to paint them using watercolors.

I’ll never be a great painter, but I love doing it and that’s all that matters.

*my own mixed media

A man that has a taste of music, painting or architecture, is like one that has another sense, when compared with such as have no relish of those arts.  Joseph Addington


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