Yeah, Well


If I was smart, I’d be working on Christmas knitting since I lost patience, crashed and burned on the Wavy Garden Shawl today.  If you missed it, you can read up on it here.  I tinked and tinked and tinked for hours, getting more and more frustrated, with lovely yarn getting more and more fuzzy (and not in a good way) and then, the fuzzies getting stuck to themselves, with me getting more and more aggravated by the minute.  Finally, I decided to cut myself some slack and have relegated it to the Will Probably Never See The Light Of Day Again Basket, at least for now.  What is it with me lately?  Am I destined to never complete another WIP and be stuck in an endless loop of starting, frogging, starting again, frogging again and on and on.  OK, so I’m a tad dramatic, but frustration seems to be the order of the day lately.  I’ll get over it, probably by tomorrow, at the latest.


So I made peace with Wavy Garden and feel OK about putting it aside temporarily and have begun a pair of socks with this lovely yarn-

Fingerpaints Supersock Self Striping from Cherry Tree Hill Yarn, in Java Jive

Knitting two at a time, toe up.  I haven’t completely settled on a pattern yet, but that’s the beauty of the toe up technique.  The toes are plain stockinette, giving the knitter more time to find “The Perfect Sock Pattern”, while still getting on with the sock knitting; and, when knitted toe up, the socks can be tried on while in progress.  A win-win, I say.  I learned the technique by watching Silver’s Sock Class, I think their instructions are the clearest and the easiest to understand.  


I’ve been practicing drawing whimsical faces, spurred on by the YouTube demos that I’ve become addicted to.  Actually, though, practicing is way too mild a word, obsessed is more like it.  This all started with my decision to give art journaling a try, joining The Documented Life Project back in March and getting a new, just asking to be written/drawn/painted upon journal.  Is there anything more exciting than a new journal?  Well, yeah, new yarn.  New yarn is way exciting, way, way exciting.  Oh, look, here’s a photo that blends both! 

Ummmmm, did I mention that up until this, I’d never, ever, even considered picking up a pencil or a paintbrush?  But I digress.  Here are a couple of faces I drew and colored in with color pencils.

Something else I’ve learned – if you can think it, someone has posted a demo of it on YouTube.  Hopelessly old school, me, but, maybe not completely hopeless, I’m learning new stuff all the time.  

I’m linking with the usual Friday folks, Tami and Frontier Dreams.

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.  Abigail Adams





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