Idea Underload, Grand Fun


My work on this week’s challenge has been less than inspired.  Usually, ideas are easy for me to come up with, to the point of idea overload, which results in inability to focus on any one thing and going in a thousand different directions at once.  A touch of ADD?  Probably so.  I went ahead and made the less than inspired entry in my art journal, hoping that before long this block or whatever you want to call it, will move out of the way and I can get back on my normal, harem-scarem, million things at once track.


Mr. Iknead and I had a ball taking care of the Papoose and Sprout over the weekend.  We painted, we colored, we snacked, we napped, we laughed, we snuggled, we read, we sang.  Then, we started all over again.  We made memories and as tired as I was when it was over, with lips chapped from kisses and arms tired from hugs, I never wanted it to end.

We missed Babydiva, who stayed home to hone her potty skills and wear her big girl panties.  Way to go, Babydiva.  You rock!!!

I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times.  Everett Dirksen




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