Spinning Sunday #1 3/23/14

I’ve decided to devote one blog post a week to another aspect
of fiberlove – spinning. Six months ago I became a spinner almost by accident when on a whim i made a drop spindle out of a dowel and a small wooden wheel like what would be on a small pull wagon or push toy.

My first attempts were …. interesting.  I kept practicing and got a little better but my slow pace using the drop spindle was frustrating.  It was easy to see that creating a pair of socks from roving to actual wearing was going to take months, if not years.  This dampened my enthusiasm a bit and planted the idea of someday owning a spinning wheel.  I did some window shopping on the Internet, feeding my imagination a little more.

Then, remarkably, I heard through the grapevine that someone who worked for the same facility I’d retired from had an Ashford Traveller wheel for sale, and get this: in my price range!  This clearly was meant to be, no doubt about it. So, almost before I knew it, I was sitting at my own wheel, surfing YouTube for spinning demos, trying to get a handle on basic spinning techniques.  Did I mention that before this I’d never even SEEN a spinning wheel?  Gotta love YouTube.  The rest, as they say, is history.  By the way, my wheel’s name is Violet and yeah, I’m one of those weird (I say eccentric) people that name things.  Meet Violet.


Always do more than is required of you.  George S. Patton



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