Grace, Catnip and W&T


Knitting continues on the current socks in progress.  Amazing how much can be accomplished when you have new yarn that you love and a bad case of startitis and have resolved to finish at least one pair before starting anything new.

I got the Grace gusset and heel turn accomplished last night, wasn’t happy with it because the pattern called for the wrap and turn technique and try as I might, I just don’t like the look of a wrap and turn, frogged the heel and redid it using my favorite SSK/P2tog technique.  Much, much better.

Grace in progress

I also finished the first of the Catnip Socks and cast on the second.  I apologize for the cluttered background, too lazy to go somewhere less busy to snap a quick pic.

First Catnip

More info on Grace and Catnip here.


I now have happy feet!!  Made it to the salon for a pedi and though not completely rehabbed, my feet are definitely on the road to recovery!  I’ll spare you the picture.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.  Sir Isaac Newton