WIP Wednesday 9/11/13


Freebie Lacy Rib Cowl, CEY

Mini Mochi, color #113


Moonfire Handknits Blue Day Socks

Fiesta Baby Boom Sweet Pea (which I’m a little nervous about because my calcs come out about 20 yards too short); thinking positive thinking positive thinking positive.


I finished Orphan Train yesterday, a little disappointed with the ending, but a great read overall and am planning to start Stephen Gallagher‘s The Bedlam Detective today, with a couple of others that are waiting in the wings, Life of Pi and The Devil in Pew Number Seven.  I’m trying to be patient, I’m at my 10 book checkout limit and so must wait until the next two books expire.  Yet another instance of Mr. Iknead’s austerity plan, which, I have to admit, is good practice for me.  I don’t consider myself really impatient, more, umm, excitable would be a good word.

The Bedlam Detective: A Novel

Linking with TamiFrontier Dreams KCCO and Yarn Along today.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.  Joseph Addison



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