Botany, Zoology and Grandology


Only been a few days since my last post?  The calendar says it was last Friday, the 7th, but my brain feels like it’s been a lot longer than that.  Mr. Iknead and I did have a busy weekend, spending most of the day Saturday browsing our local nursery and Home Depot for new flowers, bigger pots and such.  After (OMG) 34 years of marriage, we’ve discovered a mutual love of gardening (neither one of us has ever even tried) and have been so enjoying being together and learning new things.  Does that sound as sappy as I think it does?  We put out some begonias and coral bells, which I think are so beautiful even without blooms and put a large pot on each side of our front door with cuphea.  Of course I love that especially – it has purple flowers.

Coral Bells




I had my last pottery class for the spring session yesterday, so Mr. Iknead, Bigmommy, Babymama and the grands all went to the zoo.  Word on the street was that it was a blast and thankfully, Mr. Iknead took pictures.

The Papoose’s Favorite Was The Penguins

Babydiva Liked the Pink Bench

The Sprout Loved It All

Mr. Iknead’s Favorite Was Being With His Girls and Grands

You-all means a race or section/Family, party, tribe or clan/You-all means the whole connection of the individual man.  Anonymous