Divadom, Birthdays and (dare I say it?), Triumph!


Babydiva’s first birthday was a complete success, judging by the fun that was had by all, even though it was originally planned to be an Easter egg hunt and having to move the venue inside due to rainy weather. She was (as always) gorgeous and carried her divadom like she was born into it, which she was. Great presents, great cupcakes, great company and great fun!



I’m positive I’ll have at least a gazillion more pictures, both of Babydiva and the Papoose and Sprout, just as soon as their mommies are able to slow down long enough to get them posted.

Party On, Papoose


Yeah, it’s corny but  I couldn’t resist.  Yesterday was my first pottery class and I have to admit, it was the coolest thing.  The class, Beginning Handbuilding, is combined with another, way advanced class, Independent Study and it’s really neat to check out what the more advanced students are working on.  The basic class is very small, four people and a teacher, two ladies about my age, me and a young guy (they’re all young guys now), a 25 year old self employed furniture restorer.  I’m beginning to believe that creativity is a thread between some people, maybe like calling to like, because one of the first things we did after meeting each other was show off and admire tats.  Three of the four students had them, probably not that unusual, it just struck me as interesting.  Then, later in the class, the instructor saw my tat and asked me if I was a knitter, especially since it happens to be a ball of yarn with knitting needles.  I told her yep and here’s the coolest thing – she said “me too”, another of the students said, “me too”, and two of the advanced students said, “me too”.  Now, tell me that’s not awesome.  Out of eight people total in the room, five of us were knitters, mostly hardcore too.  It’s a thread, I tell you.  Oops, sidetracked, we learned to make pinch pots, took a tour of the pottery department and learned a little about the different clays and different glazing techniques.  I made a couple of butt-ugly pots, but hey, it was my first time.  Next week, we learn more about glazing and how to use the slab technique to make a coffee cup.  I can’t wait!  Sorry no pics, too busy and distracted by all the stuff going on.  Next week, promise.


I’m aware that tomorrow is WIPW and not today, but I finally got a handle on the Olivia sweater, and lack only the sleeves in finishing it.  I’m not ashamed to say that this pattern totally had its way with me, slapping and kicking me around (see Yarn Harlot‘s blog post for today, I totally get it), but finally I gained the upper hand and like a bully, once I showed no fear, it slunk off to sulk and get over itself.  And, OMG, it was totally worth it, every second of every frog, tink and the blood, sweat and tears it generated.  Here’s a peek at the back –


What did I say?  Totally worth it, right??  Even so, the next time I get a hare-brained idea like, “of course, it’s just a month before Easter but three sweaters for the grands is totally doable”, I’d appreciate a good smack to the back of the head, just to snap me out of it.  Unfortunately, most of us knitters are also enablers and I can already hear a chorus of sures, absolutelys and totally doables going on in background.  Meanwhile, today’s only goal is a sleeve.

There are some things only intellectuals are crazy enough to believe.  George Orwell (1903-1950)



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