From WIP to 02/08/13 FO Friday Ready in Just One Hour


Still working hard at the Etched Rio Wrap, I’ve done ten repeats of the 28 repeats the pattern calls for and I’m still loving both yarn and pattern.  The knitted yarn has amazing drape and softness, the only thing I can think of in the con category is that it’s very “grabby” and requires care not to become entangled with itself.  This happened with the first skein, it got very tangled and by the time I got it sorted out, the yarn had lost some of its sheen and was a little what I call pilly.  I’m trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and buy another skein (if I can find a matching dye lot) or go ahead and use the previously tangled yarn, probably at the very end where hopefully it won’t be too noticeable.  Here’s what I mean:

Looks even worse than I thought.  What’s your opinion?  Use or not?

Now, on a happier note.  In my efforts to find the misplaced yarn, I ran across a couple of WIPs that just needed to be cast off with the ends woven in.  That’s how a project goes from WIP to FO in an hour; why did I procrastinate on this, that’s not usually how I am, did I get distracted by a newer, sexier yarn or pattern, did I put it down and lose it in the mess of the stash (this seems much more likely) or was it abducted by aliens and returned last week?

Ribs and Ruffle wrap

A good sized wrap/shawl/blanket I’m calling Rib and Ruffle because, well, it’s ribbed and has a ruffle.  Why was it unfinished?


It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted pics of the grands and boy do I have some cuteness today.  First up, Babydiva

The Sprout during tummy time –

The Papoose in action –


Blessed, Mr. Iknead and I.  A million times over and then some.

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Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.  Dalai Lama



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