What’s up


Three months ago or so I had to have a tooth pulled and tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to have the first stage of a dental implant to take its place. I’ll be glad to get the ball rolling on this, even though where my tooth was isn’t noticeable, I hate having that empty space. It hurts when I forget not to chew on that side (how does anyone who is toothless and without dentures eat anything??) and just feels odd.




The Papoose


Our precious babies! The Papoose is coming for an overnight tomorrow and Saturday and I have a Susannah grocery list going, with her fave foods. I am trying to keep the junk food to a minimum but I confess, I love it as much as she does, so along with stuff like yogurt, Cheerios and fruit, there’s instant mac and cheese, Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream and chocolate milk. Can’t wait!


I’m very much immersed in

    The Six Wives of Henry the Eighth

      . Anne Boleyn has just been executed and he’s married Catherine Howard (I think). I love the intrigue.

      One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say. Will Durant



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