Taken Hostage


OK, what’s up with The Christian Science Monitor?  I’m a reader and always enjoy reader recommendations/reviews and TCSM has always been one of my “go to” sources to check out what others are saying about books I’m interested in.  The last few times I’ve visited their reader recommendation page, a survey has to be completed before the review can be seen.  I can’t find a “no thanks” or an “ask me later” button so it really pisses me off and makes me feel like I’ve been taken hostage by whoever is doing the surveying.  Yeah, I know, it just takes a minute and yeah, I know that “they value my opinion” and “want to serve me more effectively”,  but it’s the principle of the thing.  I hate it and won’t visit their site again.  Can you tell that I’m a little irritated and that my desire for instant gratification is showing?  Maybe just a little?


The 9 to 5 socks are ripping right along, with the heel flap finished, heel turn accomplished and gusset stitches picked up. 

9 to 5 sock #1


Babydiva had some medical tests run today, nothing major really, although when it’s your kid, everything is major, a swallow study and an upper GI series.  She has had some issues with reflux and her doc wanted to get look at what’s happening with her when she eats.  I don’t have the details, but early texts from Babymama said everything was fine.  Big relieved sigh.  Here she is at the birthday celebration Saturday.


Isn’t she beautiful??


Cousin Love

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.  But without it, we go nowhere.  Carl Sagan




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