The one where I come clean

about why I’ve not been blogging for the last few weeks.  To tell the truth, I’ve felt overwhelmingly overwhelmed for the past few weeks, what with my Dad’s cancer diagnosis and his passing, my Mom’s dementia and getting her transferred to a nursing home here in Little Rock, trying to get their home of nearly 50 years cleaned out and ready to sell, notifying everyone who needs to be notified about the huge changes, like the bank, insurance companies, retirement accounts and then getting the word out that Mom is being moved to Little Rock, getting mail forwarded, bills paid and the list seems endless.  I’m telling you, my Superwomen cape has taken a beating here the last little bit and is a little worse for the wear, so I gave it a well deserved mend and rest.  It’s back on now and I feel ready to jump back into my real life.  Mom is adjusting well to her new digs, the light at the end of the endless paperwork tunnel truly seems brighter and closer and I’ve learned (at least until next time) that the world won’t stop spinning on its axis if I don’t get everything crossed off my to do list every day. 

So, all in all, life is good, all of us are happy and healthy, with jobs and homes and food on the table.  Life really is lovely, I think. 

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.  Maori proverb






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