The one where blogging

is blogged about.

I took the challenge of blogging every day issued by WordPress the first of the year and have been more or less successful.  I think I’ve missed two days posting and am pretty proud of myself.  Admittedly, the first month or so of posts was like pulling teeth.  I dreaded posting most of the time because it was hard for me to put my thoughts in order and it be halfway readable.  Happily, I think I’ve gotten better at it, it seems to flow a lot easier and now I have trouble keeping my posts down to a reasonable length.  I don’t dread it and some days it’s a little bit harder than others, but I like creating something with words, something that’s uniquely mine.

I was sorting through some photos earlier and found this one.  It’s labeled random pretty and it’s both random and pretty.

Look with favour upon a bold beginning.  Virgil  (70 BC-19 BC)