The one where the Celebration

socks are hanging in there.  I pulled a few moves that Harry Houdini would have been proud of, got them back on the needles and in the right position.  So, as of this moment, they’re moving forward again.

The Minnowknits Pinafore Dress is finished and is cute as cute can be.  Photo will be posted tomorrow for FO Friday.  So sweet and I can see Susannah wearing it already!

I have to work tomorrow and so the baking I’m usually doing on Friday has to be postponed a day, but I also have a committment to bake something for the Sunday meeting.  It’s really a birthday meeting since yesterday was D’s birthday, my birthday is tomorrow and R’s birthday is Saturday.  I’m thinking some sort of pie and some sort of cake.

Another Papoose picture –

Her face is saying “Who, me?”.

The idle mind knows not what it wants.  Ennius