Running behind

Didn’t get things posted as I planned.  Been doing some research about blogs – what makes a good blog, what doesn’t make a good blog and increasing my reader base.  I had no idea how much goes into a good blog.  How does Yarn Harlot do it?  I’m excited to be able to get into blogging, wanting to blog to the best of my ability.  It’s an adventure.  All these things to explore.

Here’s a peek at the Lovely Leaf Lace scarf stitch pattern up close –

Very nice in my opinion.

Question:  Who wrote the book of love?



Saturday Start

Leaf Scarf blocking, looking good.  Started Cabled Legwarmers from Knitpicks, Plymouth Yarn Encore, color 0240, a soft gray.  Love the legwarmer look, I hope it loves me back.  Here’s a peek –

No baking done today, knitting and blocking instead.  Brownies tomorrow, along with getting ready for a home group meeting at 5 p.m. and hopefully going over some stepwork for my sponsee.  Can’t put those off any longer.  Neither one is difficult, I’ve just been procrastinating.  If I would get started, it would only take an hour at the most.  I’m doing them – tomorrow.

Busy hands are happy hands.


Happy Friday

Down to weaving in ends and kitchenering halves of scarf together, called, btw Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf by Joelle Hoverson.  After all is said and done, I have just enough of Twinkle left over to put it together.  Tomorrow I block and hopefully will get some pics up.  Even before blocking it’s really pretty, so I expect great things tomorrow.  I have a mild case of startitis and have decided that I cannot make it one more day without a pair of cabled legwarmers so tomorrow, I will commence the hunt for the perfect pattern and then the perfect yarn. 

Since the weather has turned so cold, I’ve been wanting to make soup; today I fixed a really tasty (if I do say so myself) chicken and corn with orzo.  Can’t beat hot soup on a cold day.

Tomorrow is baking day, probably something chocolate.  I’m thinking brownies, but cookies are a strong contender.  Who knows, maybe both.  

Heard at a meeting:  It’s either a lesson or a blessin’.  



Who Knew?

Nearly finished with Leaf Lace Scarf.  It has a name, I got it off Rav, will look it  up tomorrow and post the real name.  It’s turned out well so far and the huge tragedy that I thought was going to happen didn’t.  This is what happened.  I thought I was going to run out of yarn (Twinkle Handknits, Cruise, color 36 – mauve), could have sworn I had more, but couldn’t find any.  I was about to bite the bullet and send out an APB on Ravelry to find enough to finish when, as I was cleaning out my bag today, I found a skein.  Who woulda thunk it, that it was actually where it should have been.  I jumped for joy – Yay bag, yay Twinkle.  Here’s what I have so far:

Close up:

Finding more Twinkle made my day and I’m off tomorrow so if it gets any better, I won’t be able to stand it.



A Snow Day

This lovely lady is my granddaughter, Susannah, on her very first Christmas morning.  She is the apple of everyone’s eye and the center of attention where she happens to be.  Seven months old and perfect.  Christmas was the best in a long time, babies have their own magic I think.
Arkansas is digging out of a snowstorm that started yesterday right on schedule according to the TV weather people.  They predicted snow would start falling around 3 pm and dang, if it didn’t.  Here in Little Rock we got 6 inches more or less.  When it snows this much, everything in the city pretty much grinds to a halt.  The day before winter weather is predicted, everyone heads to the grocery store, whether they need to or not.   By the time the weather arrives, the store shelves, especially bread and junk food, are bare.  Crazy.  Things should be getting back to normal tomorrow.
I started a Scarf -in-a-Scarf kit on Saturday and thought everything was going swimmingly until I reread the instructions and realized that I was totally off the count with the pattern, like knitting twice as many rows as I should have.  The upshot is that I frogged the entire thing and started all over again.  Note to self, always read through the pattern and keep referring to it as you go.  Duh. 
Today’s deep thought:  Keep seeing the magic in life.


01/09/11  dailypost2011

Making a commitment to posting every day this year. 

I have three loaves of sourdough bread rising in my kitchen right now, one loaf for me, two loaves to share.  UPDATE:  Bread tastes incredible, but won’t win any beauty contests.  I think the cold today in Arkansas kept it from rising as well as it could.  I know I’ve not been as comfortably warm as usual.  Temp now 26F, 5:45 p.m. with snow falling. 

I also baked a butter brickle cake.  The colder and wetter the weather, the more I want to bake.  Yum warm cake with coffee.  Will have to work tomorrow, but hopefully inclement weather policy will be in effect and I can catch a few more zzz in the morning. 

Thought for today:  There’s always a bigger picture.