01/09/11  dailypost2011

Making a commitment to posting every day this year. 

I have three loaves of sourdough bread rising in my kitchen right now, one loaf for me, two loaves to share.  UPDATE:  Bread tastes incredible, but won’t win any beauty contests.  I think the cold today in Arkansas kept it from rising as well as it could.  I know I’ve not been as comfortably warm as usual.  Temp now 26F, 5:45 p.m. with snow falling. 

I also baked a butter brickle cake.  The colder and wetter the weather, the more I want to bake.  Yum warm cake with coffee.  Will have to work tomorrow, but hopefully inclement weather policy will be in effect and I can catch a few more zzz in the morning. 

Thought for today:  There’s always a bigger picture.



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